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The third volume of the Rice Working Papers in Linguistics was published in Spring 2012.

Editorial Board

  • Carlos Molina-Vital, editor-in-chief
  • Christina Willis, faculty advisor
  • Jennifer Hoecker
  • Benjamin Chauvette
  • Penelope Howe


Front matter for this volume is available at the Rice University digital scholarship archive.

The ‘Full Text’ links below lead to PDF versions of the papers.

Author(s) Title Links
Twardzisz, Piotr ‘To be’ and not ‘to have’ in Polish locationals
Zhan, Fangqion and Xiaoman Miao A Comparative Study on Japanese and Chinese NMCs: A Semantic and Discourse Approach
Faycel, Dakhlaoui Food Metaphors in Tunisian Arabic Proverbs
Jendraschek, Gerd From polyfusional to post-fusional: Obsolescence and innovation in Basque predicate morphosyntax and its typological implications
Mustapha, Abolaji S A functional approach to identifying compliment data
Vazquez-Hermosilla, Sandra Gender and Politeness: A Case Study on Advertising Discourse
Geluykens, Ronald and Holger Limberg Gender Variation, Indirectness, and Preference Organization in Threat Responses
Jones, Abby The House that God Built: Metaphorical Thinking in Alcoholics Anonymous
Fournet, Arnaud Mokša Mordvin verbal negation described and compared with other Uralo-Altaic languages
Pascual y Cabo, Diego, Petta-Gay Ybarra, and Jeanne Holcomb Overlapping Identities: The Case of Japanese Immigrants in Cali, Colombia
Escamilla, Ramon The Syntactic Causative Construction in Hupa (California Athabaskan)