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The third volume of the Rice Working Papers in Linguistics was published in Spring 2010.

Editorial Board

  • Jennifer Hoecker, editor-in-chief
  • Christina Willis, faculty advisor


The ‘Full Text’ links below lead to PDF versions of the papers.

Author Title Links
Basu, Debarchana and Ronnie Wilbur Complex predicates in Bangla: An event-based analysis
Cava, Amelia Maria Evaluative lexis in science: A corpus-based study in scientific abstracts
Hawes, Thomas Thematic progression and rhetoric in Sun and Times editorials: 1991-2008
Höche, Silke What about ‘be about’? Walking the tightrope between tense and aspect
Lander, Yury Relativization in Shapsug Adyghe
Ullakonoja, Riikka How do native speakers of Russian evaluate yes/no questions produced by Finnish L2 learners?
Zellou, Georgia Tigrinya fronted copula constructions: Focus and evidence of speaker marking information relevant to hearer expectations