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The first volume of the Rice Working Papers in Linguistics was published in Spring 2009.

Editorial Board

  • Linda A. Lanz, editor-in-chief
  • Amy Franklin, faculty advisor
  • Elizabeth Gentry Brunner
  • Jennifer Hoecker
  • Michelle Morrison
  • Cassandra Pace


Front matter for this volume is available at the Rice University digital scholarship archive.

The ‘Full Text’ links below lead to PDF versions of the papers. The entire volume can also be downloaded as a single PDF.


The following six papers were presented as either symposia or posters at the 11th and 12th Rice Biennial Symposia on Language.

Author Title Links
Bowern, Claire Defining complexity: Historical reconstruction and Nyulnyulan subordination
Duffield, Cecily Jill Here’s a structure that’s not so simple: Revisiting the acquisition of relative clauses
Harley, Heidi, Mercedes Tubino-Blanco, and Jason Haugen Applicative constructions and suppletive verbs in Hiaki (Yaqui)
Pace, Cassandra The typology of motion verbs in Northern Vietnamese
Sedighi, Anousha Do psychological constructions in Persian involve complex predicates?
Tubino-Blanco, Mercedes, Heidi Harley, and Jason Haugen The syntax of hybrid verb/affix lexemes and clause fusion in Hiaki (Yaqui)


Faghih, Esmail and Sepideh Rahimpour Contrastive rhetoric of English and Persian written texts: Metadiscourse in applied linguistics research articles
Georgalou, Mariza Scoring a hat trick: Nation, football, and critical discourse analysis
Jiang, Haowen Reported speech and thought in Kavalan


Abdoulaye, Mahamane L. Narrative and past habitual sequences in Hausa
Lanz, Linda Diachrony of complex predicates in Japanese
Mihas, Elena Negation in Metta


Morrison, Michelle Homorganic NC sequences in Kibena: Pre-nasalized consonants, consonant clusters, or something else?

Linguistic theory

Głaz, Adam Cognition, categorization and language: Cognitive Grammar meets Vantage Theory
Välimaa-Blum, Riitta Prototypes and hyperspeech: Where are they in the grammar?