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RLS 5: Schedule

Time Event Location Link
8:00–9:00 Registration and breakfast Farnsworth
9:00–9:10 Opening remarks Farnsworth
9:10–9:40 Learning to sign can affect cognitive ability: the Whorfian Hypothesis revisited
Jesse Hrebinka & John Bonvillian, University of Virginia
9:40–10:10 The effect of linguistic experience on the perception of pitch
John Galindo, Rice University
10:10–10:40 On the proper status of the voice suffix -kaa in Ancash Quechua: a functional-cognitive account
Carlos Molina-Vital, Rice University
10:40–11:00 Coffee break Farnsworth
11:00–11:30 Interactional perspectives on sighing
Elliott Hoey, University of California, Santa Barbara
11:30–12:00 A new view on vowel dispersion: the Nez Perce vowel system
Katie Nelson, Rice University
12:00–1:00 Lunch  
1:00–1:30 Taste as language: Slow Food’s use of tasting as a didactic and conversational tool
Ereich Empey, Rice University
1:30–2:00 ‘Are you a man or a woman, are you attracted to men or women?’: Exploring the limitations of discourses on sexuality in a trans community
Bethany Townsend, Rice University
2:00–2:30 Constructing celebrity persona: Lady Gaga in interviews and on Twitter
Mary-Caitlyn Valentinsson, University of Arizona
2:30–2:50 Coffee break Farnsworth
2:50–3:20 The grammaticalization of dùn ‘join, follow’, to mark involvement in Karbi
Linda Konnerth, University of Oregon
3:30–4:40 Plenary: Towards Ethnogrammar: an outline of a research program
Dan Everett, Bentley University
5:00–6:30 Conference dinner Jones Masters’ House
6:45–7:45 Showing of The Grammar of Happiness (46 minutes) Herring 100

Saturday, February 9

Time Event Location Link
8:00–9:00 Registration and breakfast Herring 100
9:00–9:30 On the use of a detached patient construction in Chini: interactions between animacy and information structure
Joseph Brooks, University of California, Santa Barbara
Herring 100
9:30–10:00 Exploring the concept of grammatical relations in Mandarin Chinese using real conversational data
Julia Cheng, University of Colorado
Herring 100
10:00–10:30 Talkin’ the talk: Ethnic New York and the ‘true New York accents’ on Long Island
Ann Marie Olivo, Rice, University
Herring 100
10:30–10:50 Coffee break Herring 100
10:50–11:20 On the importance of including data from long-term participant observation in assessments of linguistic vitality: a case study from fieldwork among the Mako
Jorge Emilio Rosés-Labrada, University of Western Ontario
Herring 100
11:30–12:30 Plenary: French impersonals: a Cognitive Grammar account
Michel Achard, Rice University
Herring 100
12:30–1:30 Lunch  
1:30–2:00 Variation in acoustic cues to fricative voicing in Malagasy dialects
Penelope Howe, Rice University
Herring 100
2:00–2:30 Langue vs. Parole, Competence vs. Performance, I-language vs. E-language, FLN vs. FLB, Grammar vs. Usage: A sociolinguistic response to Newmeyer (2003)
Richard Cameron, University of Illinois at Chicago
Herring 100
2:30–3:00 Homorganic stop insertion in Non-standard American English dialects
Brittany Courville & Elisabeth Oliver, Louisiana State University
Herring 100
3:30–5:00 Poster session Morrow Room, Fondren Library


Authors Title Link
Hmoud Alotaibi Cultural conventions in research article introductions: what can be employed and evaded?
Sarah Cain & Marina Santiago, Rice University A preliminary comparison of discursive strategies in stand-up comedy
Anthony Koth, Rice University Underspecified vowels or morphologically specified features creating apparent vowels: an analysis of Azeri suffixal vowels
Ling Ma, Rice University Palatalization in Mandarin loanwords: an OT approach
Snobra Rizwan, Bahauddin Zakariya University Clause complex relations in bilingual Hindi film songs: a manifestation of emergence of hybrid code
Narayan Sharma, SOAS Argument structure in Puma
Tianqi Yang, Tulane University Chữ Nôm: past and future for a lost treasure